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What we do offer

- Full outsourcing of the execution of all tasks related to the site, its support, publication of materials, archive and latest releases, service content.

- Fulfillment of all tasks or editorial requests as soon as possible and based on NEICON 's many years of experience (National Electronic Information Consortium).

Listed below are the opportunities that you will receive as part of working with I-EDU GROUP , with a detailed description of what they include.

Electronic version (website) of the scientific journal

We launch and maintain an electronic version (website) of a scientific journal with the following key features:

Find out why the site is important for a scientific journal (WHAT GIVES) and to whom the site will be useful . (FOR WHOM)

View magazine websites on the I-EDU GROUP platform (Logs on the filed platform)

Find out about site features for your magazine

Promotion of the journal in international scientometric and subject databases

The largest package of services on the promotion of the publication in the MNBD on the Uzbek market ScienceWeb (international scientometric databases) we offer to all users of the platform. Within it, we:

The set of specific bases, terms, conditions for filing applications and registration depend on the subject and other parameters of the journal.

Leave a request, and our experts will tell you in detail about the promotion opportunities specifically for your magazine.

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Electronic edition

The electronic edition of the I-EDU GROUP platform is based on international standards for the work of scientific publications. It streamlines internal and external (scientific) document flow and communications. It includes:

Acceptance of articles through the site with control over the presence and composition of metadata in several languages

Correspondence with all participants in the editorial process with the preservation of history

Built-in checking of articles in the Anti- plagiarism system

Reviewing: appointment and interaction with reviewers, any kind of review - double-blind, blind, editor-in-chief, etc.

Interaction with a literary editor, translator, layout designer, proofreader, etc.

Compilation of the content of issues and automatic generation of DOI

Interface for readers, authors and editors in Uzbek , Russian and English

Formation of reports on articles, on the work of reviewers, etc.

Find out what are the benefits of using the electronic edition (WHAT GIVES) and what benefits each of the editorial staff will receive . (FOR WHOM)

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Prepress, layout and printing

We provide a full range of services for preparing your journal for printing and (or) placement in electronic format:

We also carry out printing of any complexity and any format.

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Organization of work with DOI/ Crossref

We are the largest Crossref partner in Uzbekistan and offer:


Consulting and answers to daily questions

We will build an individual development strategy for your magazine and help you implement each stage of it.

Let's talk and learn:

And much more.

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