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Service packages

I-EDU GROUP consists of three parts: Technological, Methodological and Production.

Package " I-EDU GROUP Standard " includes technological and methodical parts. They always go together, their cost is calculated per year. Read more... (1-manba)

The package " I-EDU GROUP Production" includes the production part. Due to the significant number of variables, the cost is always calculated per output. Read more... (2-manba)

Package " I-EDU GROUP Full cycle" includes technological, methodical and production parts together. Read more... (3-manba)

Separately, you can use the "DOI" package . (4-manba) It includes PILA membership, DOI payment and advice on DOI and Crossref in Russian.


Didn't find a price for your magazine? Leave a request or call (CONTACT file) to us and we will calculate for your publication .


Package "I-EDU GROUP Standard"

By purchasing this package, the publication receives an electronic version (website) of a scientific journal, promotion in the MNBD, an editorial system (electronic edition), consultations on the development of the publication, automatic DOI registration, uploading tagged issues for Elibrary , and much more. You can read more about the composition of these opportunities in the "What we offer" section . ("What do we offer filesy boron )

The cost of the package depends on the number of issues and the number of journals:


* Tariffs are specified for one name (title) of the journal. The cost is indicated for journals with no more than 30 articles per issue. Issues consisting of short messages (for example, congress proceedings) are placed in one PDF, without highlighting metadata).

If the parameters of the publication differ from those presented in the table, we will perform an individual calculation for you.


Package "I-EDU GROUP Production" (2-manba)

As part of this package, the publication receives a full range of services for preparing the journal for publication and placement on the website. These include: working on text, translation, layout in HTML, XML, PDF formats, making a design layout and much more. A detailed list of services can be found in the "What we offer (Production)" section . (What we offer files - Prepress, layout and printing)

In the production part, you can order both all services, and each separately, for example, only layout, or only translation, and so on. The cost depends on your needs and is calculated according to the parameters of a particular publication .


Package "I-EDU GROUP Full cycle" (3-manba)

The most complete range of services for maintaining electronic and paper versions of the journal, includes the contents of all packages. You will be able to conclude one contract and receive the maximum set of services in the "one window service" mode. Due to the peculiarities of some services of the package, the calculation of the cost is carried out for each edition individually. Leave a request and we will calculate the cost of the package for your magazine.


Package "DOI" (4-manba)

As part of this package, the publishing house receives Russian-language support and the opportunity to resolve all organizational and financial issues related to obtaining DOI, within the legal framework of the Russian Federation. Read more in the "What we offer (DOI)" section . (What we offer files Ichida - Organization of work with DOI / Crossref )