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What gives

Using I-EDU GROUP gives:

Below is a description of the specific benefits of using each of the components of the I-EDU GROUP .


The correct electronic version (website) of a scientific journal

The electronic version (website), built in compliance with international publishing standards, provides the following advantages:

Increased visibility and citation :

Full compliance with the requirements of MNBD, including Scopus , Web of Science , PubMed /MEDLINE, WorldCat . If the content is ready, you can immediately apply.

A qualitatively new level of publications , the ability to most fully show the work done by the authors by publishing additional materials for articles (pictures in good quality, videos, data sets, etc.).

adapted for work in electronic form - HTML and XML . And adapted for the same presentation on different devices PDF format .

More complete information about the demand for various articles and sections due to the collection of statistics on views of metadata, full texts and service pages of the site.

Automated unloading of articles and their metadata into Uzbek and foreign databases ( RSCI, Crossref , DOAJ, PubMed /MEDLINE, WorldCat and others).

Possibility of registration and payment on the website of a subscription both for the entire journal and for individual issues and articles.

Saving editorial staff time due to full outsourcing of all tasks related to the site, its support, publication of materials, archive and latest issues, service content, the editorial staff can focus on working with manuscripts, authors and reviewers. Thanks to many years of experience in the field of scientific publications, we speak the same language with the editors.

Increasing the prestige and popularity of the journal due to:


Promotion of the journal in international scientometric and subject databases

The entry of the journal into WoS , Scopus , PubMed /MEDLINE is already a standard for a scientific journal. Each subject area also has its own highly specialized professional bases, the presence in which is almost mandatory.

The presence of the journal in international databases and catalogs is necessary in order to:


Using the electronic edition

Facilitates and streamlines communication with authors and reviewers.

You do not need to constantly track the stages and deadlines, the system will send a notification by e-mail .

All information on articles, including review history, editing history and correspondence history , is collected in one place and is available from anywhere in the world.

An automated step-by-step process for submitting an article , the author is guided through it by the system, and not by the editorial staff.

More efficient work of editorial staff , saving their time and reducing the likelihood of errors.

Formation of reports on editorial statistics (by articles, by reviewers , by authors, etc.).

Built-in checking of articles in the Anti- plagiarism system .

Facilitate interaction between editorial staff , all participants have access to up-to-date and unambiguous information, wherever they are.

Transparency of the editorial process , it is always clear in what state the preparation of the issue and the formation of the portfolio are.


Preparation of manuscripts for printing or promotion through electronic platforms

Peace of mind for preparing issues for publication . We will make sure that everything is done efficiently and on time.

Even if the journal is published only in electronic form, the articles still need to be proofread and proofread.

Layout in HTML increases the accessibility of the electronic version and the convenience of working with it.

Layout in XML makes it possible to upload articles to electronic systems.

Layout in PDF for printing and unified presentation on any device.

The printed version of the journal meets all modern requirements for a scientific publication.

A unique recognizable design layout , developed specifically for your magazine, is another point of contact with the audience.

Literary editor, proofreader, typesetter - this is our concern . We undertake the search for employees and the coordination of their work. We guarantee that only experienced professionals work for you.

The editors communicate with a personal curator . He fully owns the situation in the editorial office and speaks the same language with her.


Registration of DOI in the Crossref system

Registering DOI in Crossref you get:

Compliance with the requirements of international databases on the mandatory presence of DOI for articles.

The availability of articles regardless of their location on the Internet and is unlimited in time.

Additional citations of the article due to unambiguous identification (the citation is tied even if there are errors in other parts of the bibliographic reference).

Automatic submission of article data to the author's profile in the ORCID system.

The ability to use the CrossMark article relevance control system .


Magazine development consulting

You will always be aware of current trends in the field of scientific publications.

You can get answers to your daily questions.

help you identify the weaknesses of your magazine and tell you how to turn them into strengths.

We will give personal recommendations for the development of your particular edition.

Free examination of the site and the journal for compliance with the requirements of the MNBD.